Camping, but not as we know it!

Think of a luxury tented safari under canvas … but without the animals – no need to build your own tent, unroll your sleeping bag or build a fire to keep you warm. Located on one of Croatia’s most beautiful islands in the midst of the Adriatic, Obonjan has reinvented the definition of chic camping and offers a variety of accommodation to satisfy everyone’s taste and budget

The sounds of nature will lull you into a great night’s sleep.
Running water, electricity and a super comfy bed provide the essentials for a comfortable stay. But don’t expect a television – we think you are better off without one.


Tips to further enhance your holiday experience on Obonjan

  • Try giving up your gadgets for a few days and connect with nature and the simpler things in life.
  • Leave your high heels, makeup and jewellery at home and pack comfortable sneakers and relaxed clothes instead. And don’t forget the flip flops!
  • Fully embrace the natural environment and let nature’s evening song lull you to sleep.


Set sail for Obonjan.
Settle into island life.

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