Spend your summer on Obonjan and feel refreshed!

The Mediterranean is still one of the healthiest, happiest and welcoming places on Earth, thanks to thousands of years of culture and history handed down from generation to generation. A balanced lifestyle, healthy diet, exceptional climate and natural beauty combine to give you the perfect holiday experience.

A dream Island in the middle of the Adriatic

Obonjan is situated in the heart of Dalmatia and benefits from an amazing climate with lots of sunshine and a sea-breeze that makes even the hottest Mediterranean summer cool. Winter rains nourish the land and the warm summer air bring the flora and fauna back to life creating a tapestry of surprising ecological diversity. Fresh fish abound from the sea and provide a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet – “A fish should swim three times, once in the sea, then in olive oil and finally in wine”.

Enjoy the perfect summer

Enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures – breathe in the fresh air, let the salty sea-air touch your lips, lap up the cool breeze and let the sunshine warm your body and soul. Summer is especially delightful on Obonjan and the hot days, cool nights, and summer fun provide the perfect combination for that long overdue summer holiday… join us on Obonjan for the perfect vacation.


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