Shaman Durek

Titled “the most in-demand shaman on speed dial” by ETV, Shaman Durek is known to turn up the heat on anything he touches and with a story like his, it’s easy to see why.

Initiated as a 3rd generation shaman at the tender age of 5, Durek has always devoted much of his time to studying and sharing the ancient ways as shown to him by the elders. After dying and coming back a full 5 minutes and 42 seconds later, Durek healed himself from brain damage and paralysis going on to make a full recovery from what doctors said would be a lifetime in a wheelchair. Since then, Durek has focused his powers predominantly on waking up the inherent power in women, seeing the key role women’s empowerment plays in the next major shift of humanity. Durek is a philanthropist and social rights activist who speaks and writes on how to rebuild social structures for our continued evolution from fear to love.

Catch him here at Obanjan speaking on How to Harness the Power of the Quantumsphere, Traversing the Dark Period on Earth and Nature as Technology.

More information on these fascinating workshops below with dates and times to follow soon:

How to Harness the Power of the Quantumsphere

The quantumsphere is an energy matrix that exists outside the universal time continuum and is therefore able to open us to limitless possibility of how we manifest and direct our lives. The understanding of how to access and use the quantumsphere goes way back in shamanic traditions across many cultures. When tapped into correctly, the quantumsphere has the power to show us the magnification of our future selves/lives and tell us what we need to do to become that version of ourselves, to tap into the energies of the most sacred places on Earth and draw the power of those places into your body and connect to a reservoir of manifestation energy by understanding the constant nature of energy in motion. Humans aren’t yet ready to fully understand how powerful the quantumsphere really is, however, in this workshop, Shaman Durek will give you a taste of what it is and what you can do with it.

Traversing the Dark Period – 15 Years of Blackout

The end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 signified the beginning of a 10-15 year dark period during which the shadow is becoming increasingly present and visible on the planet. This is a time to turn your energy inward, like how nature goes inward during the solar eclipse to build itself into a stronger form. We have come to this planet to have a direct experience of learning to love great than the fear, the worry, the hate and the labels that humanity has created due to the influence of the darkness. We will be called to first build a relationship with ourselves in order to understand and apply the core ethics of the life code to human nature and then to restructure all of our relationships and social structures around that deeper understanding. The dark period provides the opportunity to look at the flaws within human nature that were implanted by the darkness to correct them and gain a new perspective on what is the purpose of our being here. In this workshop you will be given the road map to successfully traverse the dark period and come out on the other side firmly rooted in the truth of who you are, not just as an individual, but in the context of evolved social responsibility for the continued evolution of our species and our engagement with intelligence on other planets. We are ready to see that there is someone other than just us.

Nature as Technology

Nature is a stronger and more intelligent technology than any computer system we have built but we’ve lost the sensitivity required to access it due to the constant barrage of outward disturbances by things with absolutely no meaning to our living spirit that is the ‘new normal’ in our current social construct. Nature’s mark upon humanity has been eclipsed by the confines of our social architecture, creating an onslaught of illness, mental complications and cellular breakdown due to discord and toxicity. The resulting mental and emotional pollution has created a structure of war and discord, misunderstanding and confrontation as well as aging and degradation of our planet as a whole, which, if left unchecked, will make it uninhabitable for us. In this workshop, learn how to use the technology of nature to access your 6th sense for an upgrade to your biological space suit that evolves your emotional intelligence, restores cellular and emotional balance and grants intergalactic and inter-dimensional travel to gather knowledge beyond the veil of human intellect in order to understand the role humanity plays in the greater framework of life that is necessary to sustain and continue to evolve human life.