Seb Eubank

Sebastian Eubank is a health and happiness enthusiast. A devoted advocate of doing whatever makes you happy in life. He comes from a world class pedigree of boxing excellence. Growing up as the second son of World Champion boxer Chris Eubank, he was submerged in the disciplined lifestyle of a boxer from day one. Sebastian started coaching the art form of boxing over 6 years ago aswell as being a boxer himself. In the fitness community he is referred to as “The AlkaLion” for his ferociousness in the gym and his strong stance on maintaining an Alkaline diet. Sebastian strives to prove to the world that even with a dedicated boxers regime, plant based foods are “simply the best” way to lead a healthy and energetic lifestyle which in turn leads to a happier life. There are many different and unique talents to Sebastian, he is also a well known poet who has an enchanting way with words which captivate his audience. He writes on a wide variety of topics, all with the purpose of providing food for your thoughts, uniting and expanding consciousness. Sebastian is also a fire performer. He is skilled with the fire staff and uses this practice as a form of movement meditation. While it is almost impossible to box this man into a category, one thing is for certain. He lives to be happy and promote happiness. Spreading his gifts and positive energy as far and wide as possible.