The Numinous


Our cosmic partner, The Numinous, is collaborating with Obonjan to curate a week of high vibe activities.

Founder and ex-fashion journalist, Ruby Warrington, said, “The ethos of Obonjan is completely aligned with all things Numinous — meaning that, in my view, wellness and spirituality are deeply interwoven with our desire to feel good, have fun, and connect with others. Not only is it possible to have the best of both worlds, I believe in actively seeking out experiences that fill us up mind, body and soul.”

The Numinous has become part of a movement towards a global shift in consciousness that’s about experiencing life – and each other – on a whole more meaningful level. In a continuation of our 2016 partnership, we’re excited to be inviting The Numinous back again to co-curate with us.

Over an incredible six days of programming, expect to immerse yourself in transformational and meditative workshops such as Material Girl Mystical World with Ruby Warrington, Holy F**k with Alexandra Roxo, Moon Club, poetry and spoken word with Lisa Luxx, and hypnotherapy with Shauna Cummins.