She’s Lost Control


She’s Lost Control (SLC) launched in 2015 amidst the ever-evolving creative hub of East London. It’s an inviting space for crystal-obsessed ‘hippysters’ and curious free-spirits to shop whilst rejuvenating their body, mind and soul with a variety of restorative events.

Founders Jill Urwin and Cheryl Eltringham, both advocates of the fashion industry, have thoughtfully curated an inspiring brand, which quickly made its mark within the rising trends of modern mysticism and experiential wellbeing – aesthetically, intellectually and spiritually.

With a focus on women’s fashion, mystical adornment and homeware, apothecary, crystals and art, She’s Lost Control is an inspiring and refreshing platform with a unique point of view.

The duo will be in the island boutiques again this year and have been the driving force behind all things spiritual on Obonjan.