Holistic treatments

Set amongst breath taking scenery, The Spa on Obonjan is an oasis of calm, dedicated to enhancing your natural wellbeing and easing you into island life. Discover a sense of tranquillity and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Enjoy the best massages you can find – Thai massage – an ancient healing art that combines acupressure, deep tissue massage techniques, gentle stretching and applied yoga. Enter a state of bliss with Reflexology or Deep Tissue massage that releases tensions and improves overall wellbeing.


Holistic Massage

Enter a state of pure tranquillity and relaxation. Enjoy physical and energetic release as your body is gently steered towards its own natural healing abilities. Each session becomes a meaningful creation of peace and balance between the body and mind. This is island life.

60 mins = 450 Kn
75 mins = 560 Kn

Deep Tissue Massage

Release tension in those tired muscles with our Deep Tissue Massage. The technique is based on reaching into the deep tissue using elbows and thumbs to bring the complete relaxation to you, your body and your mind. Perfect for the tired traveller or those looking to release the stresses of modern life.

60 mins = 490 Kn


Awaken all of your senses with this soothing full body treatment. Fragrant, therapeutic oils used in the Aromatherapy massage are all hand-made from the quality herbs and plants. They will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth and activate healing properties in your body.

60 mins = 450 Kn
75 mins = 560Kn

Head, Neck and Shoulders | Deep tissue

A myofascial release of the head, neck and shoulders. This massage releases all the stiffness and tightness in the upper back and neck area. Your therapist will use repetitive pressure on the same trigger point in the body until the tension is fully released. This massage will finally break through those deep aches and let all the stress melt away.

45 min = 430 Kn

Head Massage | Relax

This treatment covers the upper body, giving an incredible feeling of relief. Through relaxing techniques, it releases all the tension from the head, neck and shoulders. It helps to improve blood circulation, which enhances oxygen supply to the brain.

30 mins = 260 Kn

Partial Leg & Foot Massage

This massage brings ease into the entire body. By stimulating the special points on the feet and legs you are able to feel instant relief. You will leave with improved blood circulation and an improved mood.

Happy feet, happy you.

30 mins = 260 Kn

One-on-one Yoga & Meditation sessions

Fancy some one-to-one attention to enhance your yogic practice? Our resident yogis can take you to a beautiful spot for a private session at your convenience. Its perfect for those who are starting their journey but aren’t sure about the idea of a group session or those who want to go a little deeper.

60 min = 450 Kn (up to 3 guests)
750 Kn (4 guests or more)

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